Fundraising for “Swimming Pool”

Swimming Pool is premiering at CounterPulse Theater in San Francisco May 17-19, and we need your support!

Please save the date, and ***donate to our fundraiser*** to help us make it happen.

Swimming Pool is a dance where time is a loop and the sky is a balloon
Swimming Pool is experiential co-existence in this weird world that humans keep making weirder
Swimming Pool moves inbetween apocalypses and utopias
Swimming Pool is our bodies as complicit knots and entangled amalgamations
Swimming Pool implodes and explodes, is delirious and delicious and tender and gross

We can recognize you by the kind of spider web that is stuck to your skin, that got caught on your skin when you pulled yourself out of bed this morning. We know that was painful. We know that pleasure is crucial for life.

Donate HERE!
Any amount, tiny or huge, is a great help!
Swimming Pool is an ambitious collaborative project with many moving parts, and our first production with extensive set design and intercontinental collaboration. Your support helps us all make a living wage as artists, provides the resources to be together in real time for as long as good artmaking takes, provides sonic & scenic materials, and generally makes this all possible!

If you can’t give $ right now, we still love you & hope to see you at the show!
You can get tickets HERE

Swimming Pool
May 17-19 at 8pm
CounterPulse Theater
80 Turk Street, SF
Conceived and performed by Abby Crain, Layton Lachman, and Mara Poliak.
Sound designed and performed by Samuel Hertz.
Sculptural installations by Lisa Rybovich Crallé.
Lighting Design by Elizabeth Ardent.
Abby, Layton, Mara.

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