Teaching next:

1. Discomfort Camp!

  JAN 6-10 1:15 -3:15 pm Fresh Festival SF. With remote thinking partner Raha Behnam
What can be learned, digested and transformed when take a break from euphoria and turn our attentive curiosity towards what DOESN’T feel right? This week, while we will still practice letting go of holding and moving wildly with ease and resilience, we will ALSO spend time with the “generative nature of discomfort” as a way to “abide differently”, as inspired by the writings of Sarah Ahmed.* We will tap into the wealth of our resources as sensate and perceptive beings and work to unleash the genius and furor of our inner “feminist killjoy”. Alongside this process we keep asking ourselves..How is pleasure also a part of this project?

We will work together and on our own through movement for sure, and possibly writing, listening, drawing, seeing, feeling, speaking, chanting, singing, and “hard play.”

While Raha will not join us in person for Fresh this year, she will serve as an advisor and thinking partner to the class.

*from Ahmed’s 2013 essay, “Queer Feelings.” and 2010 essay “Feminist Killjoys (and other Unruly Subjects)”. Sarah Ahmed’s work has been introduced to me by two important collaborators in my life, Raha Behnam, who sent me the Feminist Killjoy article in 2013 as it pertained to some of our ongoing discussions, and Mara Poliak, who brought the work of Ahmed into our 2016 collaboration with Layton Lachman, Swimming Pool.


Ps. I have a guest spot available on Wed, Thurs and Friday. Reach out if you need this. Priority given to QT and/or POC students.

2. February Morning Class at the Finnish Hall

Mondays 10 – 11:30 every Monday in February I will be teaching an OSF based contemporary dance class. OMG I am thinking we might DO A PHRASE!

I am super excited about this sweet series curated by Miriam Wolodarski…
here is the link! More details to come soon.