OPEN SOURCE FORMS with Abby Crain & Layton Lachman – DOCK 11, Berlin

17 – 18 th of August
For those of you who are Euro bound this summer,  come find me for another cute two day workshop, this time together with Layton Lachman at Dock 11 in BerlinAugust 17and 18. THIS WORKSHOP IS OPEN TO EVERYONE!
OPEN SOURCE FORMS with Abby Crain & Layton Lachman
13:00-17:30 on the 17th and 18th of August, 2019.
DOCK 11 Saal 1
Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin
80 EUR 
To register email either
laytonlachman(at) or abbycrainwork(at)
Abby Crain and Layton Lachman draw from their long standing artistic collaboration, as well as their practice of Open Source Forms, in order to offer a workshop that combines traditional OSF classes with expanded somatic research. OSF is deeply rooted in & fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique, utilizing images and hands on exercises to instigate a letting go into new modes of moving.

The work is based in improvisation and a journeying together through different energetic states, with the desire to access different awarenesses in ourselves. We will traverse personally and collectively, sometimes diving headlong into a concept, while other times looking at it obliquely through the eyes in the bottom of our feet.

As well as moving, over the two days we will spend time writing and reflecting on our experiences together.

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