Residency at Aggregate Space Gallery Oakland

CRAIN/LACHMAN/POLIAK respond to work by Ven Voisey, curated by Jesse Hewit.

Sat. Jan 6th at 7pm
@Aggregate Space Gallery
$5-50 suggested donation (NOTAFLOF), with all proceeds going toward the proliferation of Aggregate Space Gallery programming.
FRICTION / FUNCTION is a multidisciplinary collaboration – between ASG and dance artist and curator Jesse Hewit – that is experimenting with making art works into subject/object for the creation of other artworks; in this case, across discipline from visual/new media to performance. In creating and curating this program, we are interested in the perpetuation and re-experiencing of art works without pushing them into a buying/selling economy, but instead by making them material for more art. FRICTION / FUNCTION invites artists working in some form of performance to develop a relationship to an exhibition of visual or new media work in the Aggregate Space Gallery, and then create a performative response/piece/action to happen within the exhibition, on its closing night.  

An installation by Ven Voisey
8 December 2017 – 6 January 2018

With an increasingly rampant output of information, structures, rhythms, and systems, we find ourselves in the midst of densely layered realities: from the cities we construct to the ideologies we abide by. Background noise, both figurative and literal, societal and personal, intentional and inadvertent, can dilute any particular signal making communication between chasms treacherous territory.

Aggregate Space Gallery presents sculptor and sound artist Ven Voisey with this installation of instruments and compositions that harness both signal and noise. They are reflections on observed warnings and tensions, as much as they are an attempt to transcend tumultuous makings.

Friction / Function: 6 January 7pm 

Curated by Jesse Hewit:

Support for the Friction / Function series generously provided by Kenneth Rainin Foundation

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