Teaching at Danscentrum, Stockholm

12-15 Februari, 2018. 10:00 – 11:30 at Danscentrum – Stockholm

Welcome to daily practice at Danscentrum with Abby Crain.

We seek a dynamic, fluid and versatile body that is resilient, powerful, and nuanced, and a moving presence that is both wild and spacious. A rigorous devotion to experimentation is embedded in and crucial to the practice, and students are thus challenged to work experientially to refine and expand their dancing through practices like doing less and doing more, complicating and simplifying, letting go and adding on.

The role of the dancer as interpreter is examined, and students are invited to allow their own artistic voice to speak through their execution of material, both set and improvised. Kinesiological principles will be employed to cultivate a durable and articulate moving body. Technical work will encompass principles from Open Source Forms, Body Mind Centering, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Axis Syllabus, hands on work, as well as other real and imagined movement practices and lineages. We practice skills such as articulation of limbs, spinal fluidity, easy and efficient movement into and out of the floor, jumping, dynamic propulsion through space, turning, and moving both on and off balance.

For more info visit www.dagligtraning.se


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