I love dance class. Dance class is a magical place to come together and be with people and try things that are hard. In dance class I always feel like a super beginner and I always amaze myself by that moment when suddenly I find myself doing, or at least feeling like I am doing, something that seemed out of my reach. Dance class is not for me about getting good at something, but is about working together to learn things together. In many instances, the routine of going to dance class literally saved me. I am so grateful.

THATS WHY I AM HAPPY TO TEACH AS PART OF THE MONDAY MORNING DANCE CLASS SERIES AT FINNISH HALL in Berkeley THIS MONTH, instigated by Miriam Wolodarski. It’s a great space, and we will do some releasing and some other things to ease our way into moving and then we will try to do a phrase! HA!

Please come join!
Classes are every Monday in February, 10-11:30 am….
sliding scale $12-$20.. No one turned away for lack of funds!

all images courtesy of FRESH Festival, photos by Robbie Sweeny


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