DANCE. AFTERGLOW. INTERVENE. LEGACY. Ponderosa Tanzland with Layton Lachman and Stephanie Maher (in person!)

I am overjoyed to announce this workshop! It has been a long and not easy year, and I am so looking forward to teaching and being in the studio with these beloveds and you. 🙂


June 20-25 , 2021, Stolzenhagen , Germany ( 40 minutes from Berlin)

This workshop exists in the afterglow of the amazing work and legacy of Kathleen Hermesdorf (1967-2020) and her creation and love of the P.O.R.C.H. training module at Ponderosa.

Layton Lachman, Stephanie Maher and I bring you a week of collective dancing, individual practice, deep rest, and serious play.

Early mornings will begin with a daily Kundalini yoga practice with Stephanie Maher.

This will be followed by a morning movement class based in Open Source Forms taught by Lachman and Crain. Open Source Forms is deeply rooted in and fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique. Through the use of non-anatomical images for moving, gentle hands on work, and play between energetic states, the work will lead toward unruly, vibrating, multi-directional dances. We will look with our eyes but also with the eyes on the bottoms of our feet. The work is based in improvisation and asks participants to journey together with attunement, rigor and care towards both the self and the collective.  

Each afternoon, we will spend time together dancing more, writing, co-writing, watching, and playing with various prompts for composition and group practice. There will be an attention to taking our time, respecting the speed of process, and giving space to reflection and talking together.

The workshop will be punctuated by unexpected creative interventions—kitchen dance partying, living, land loving, playing, writing and community doing with Stephanie Maher. Look out for backwards walking, midnight meetups, dance routines and writing practice at the lake. 

See you there!

email with questions or visit to sign up.

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